Measurement & Inspection Featured Items
Extech Tachometer
Master Ring Setting Calibration
Master Ring Gage Setting Standard for Bore Gage 9
Standar Parallac D Snap Ring
EXTECH 461891 contact Tachometer,0.5 to 20,000 rpm Master Ring Setting Calibration Standard X Tol 371.800mm for Bore Gage 14"-15" Master Ring Gage Setting Standard X Tol 229.09mm 9.02" OGI for Bore Gage 9"-10" Standard Parallac "D" Snap Ring Gage Range 11" to 12" w/Federal Metric Dial Indicator
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Other Featured Items
Master Ring Gage Setting Calibration
Master Ring Gage Setting Calibration Standard X Tol GRETNA for Bore Gage 16"-17"
AG Davis Omni Groove Gage OGI X Tolerance Ring Master
OGI X Tolerance Smooth Ring Master 461.420mm 18"-19" Bore Gauge Setting Standard USA
Ottawa OTI  Groove Gage
Ottawa OTI Shallow Diameter Groove Gage 9U-3387 OD 20"-26" Compare Mueller 563
Starrett No. 66
Starrett No. 66 English .0015" to .025" Thickness Gage
Snap-on (ATI) Bucking BarSnap-on (ATI) Bucking Bar AT 723 (ATI 723) Aircraft Tool 3-11/16"x1-3/4"x15/16"
Master Setting Disc 4
Master Setting Disc plug ring Gage 4" to 5" X Tol OD Calibration (OGI, Hemco)
AG Davis Omni Groove Gage
AG Davis Omni Shallow Diameter Groove Gage SGD-32 OD 24"-30" Compare Mueller 563
Master Ring Gage
Master Ring Gage Setting Calibration Standard X Tol GRETNA for Bore Gage 15"-16"
Ottawa OTI  Groove Gage
FEG w/Digital Mitutoyo Shallow Diameter Groove Gage 16" Compare Mueller 1576
 Sandvik CoroChuck 930Sandvik Coromant CoroChuck Series 930 Hydraulic Chuck w/CGS20 Collet & C6-A390.45-50 040 Holder Master Bore Setting Ring Gage
Master Bore Setting Ring Gage 6" to 7" X TOL OTTAWA TOOLS (OGI) Standard Master Bore Setting Ring Gage 6" to 7" X TOL OTTAWA TOOLS (OGI) Standard
 MQ Steel Precision Block AngleMQ Steel Precision Machinist Set-UP Block Angle Parallel Iron 5 Hole 8"x6"x4" Parallel Block 20
Cast Aluminum Precision Machinist Set Up Parallel Block 20" x 6" x 4-1/8"
 Ground Angle Plate New Narrow Right Angle Precion Ground Angle Plate 17" x 25" x 4-3/4" Standard Parallac
Standard Parallac "D" Snap Ring Gage Aluminum Frame 3 piece Set Includes: Range 6" to 7", 8" to 9", 10" to 11" w/Metric Dial Indicators
Mitutoyo Absolute ID-C112AEB
Mitutoyo Absolute ID-C112AEB Code 543-262B Digital Indicator, 1mm ID Sweep Gage with Fixture
Cyclindrical Squares Set of 3
Machinists Cyclindrical Squares Set of 3 includes 1 each 3"D x 6"H, 3"D x 3"H, 3"D x 3"H w/70degree angle
Sandvik Coromant T-Max Sandvik Coromant T-Max Long Edge Square Shoulder R215-050C5-100 L (ME J7 931670) 16 Insert Milling Cutter with C5-A390.545-50 040A Tool Holder Sandvik  A392.45HM-50 32
Sandvik Corogrip A392.45HM-50 32 111 Precision Power Chuck, Collet Size 32, CAT 50 Holder
Sandvik Coromant Bilz C4-391.61-01 090
Sandvik Coromant Bilz C4-391.61-01 090 Tension Compression Quick Change Chuck w/A390.45-50 50 040 CAT50 Tool Holder
Bore Setting Ring Gage 1
Master Bore Setting Ring Gage 1" to 2" (OGI, Glastonbury)
Atlas Copco Ergo Pulse 1/2Atlas Copco Ergo Pulse 1/2" Dr 32-70Nm Reversible Nutrunner EP-10PT-HR13/C Sandvik Coromant TCMW 2
Sandvik Coromant TCMW 2 (1.5) 2 S0320E CB20 CBN Tipped Inserts Package of 5 NIB
Davis Ball  SGD-32
Davis Ball Track Omni Gage Model SGD-32 with Standard D1-20181-A Metric Dial Indicator Nominal Capacity 25" to 32"
 Sandvik  CAT50 Capto C4 Modular Tool Holder
Sandvik CAT50 Capto C4 Modular Tool Holder C4-A390.45-50 070 with C4-391.68A-4-040 04B Chuck & Coromant 391.68A-4-056 24T16B Indexable Insert Cutting Tool
Alliance CNC PAC Reamer Alliance CNC PAC Reamer #8677 12.522 Through Coolant Reamer8 Mahr MarCator 1087
Mahr MarCator 1087 Digital Indicator No. 4337070 with Custom Bore Gage Adapter
 Sandvik C8-A390 545-50 100 Tool Holder
Sandvik C8-A390 545-50 100 Tool Holder with Capto Chuck & Ingersoll TD1050052COR01 Replaceable Tip Thru Coolant Drill
OGI X Tol Smooth Ring Master
OGI X Tol Smooth Ring Master Setting Bore Gage 381.000 mm / 15.000 inch
Master Ring Gage
Master Ring Gage Setting Standard X Tol 9.738134" OGI for Bore Gage 9"-10"
Esterline Federal EHE 1101
Esterline Federal EHE 1101 Plunger Type Probe with 8 pin connector for Millimar
 Sandvik Coromant Varilock Bilz 391 60-02 50 140
Sandvik Coromant Varilock Bilz 391 60-02 50 140 Tension Compression Chuck w/A390.45-50 50 040M Tool Holder
Schunk Tribos Hydraulic 0205446
Schunk 205446 20mm CAT50 Holder w/Kennametal Carbide indexable Drill
SANDVIK Coromant 10.50 mm
SANDVIK Coromant 10.50 mm Solid Carbide Coolant Thru Drill, R840-1050-A1A 1220
Standard Dorsey 241 Dial Bore Gage No. 2 Set 1" - 1 17/32" .0001"+ Master Ring
SANDVIK C6 CAPTO HYDRO-GRIP C6-391.CGB-20 152A (SIZE 20MM) Chuck with C6-A890.45-50 040 Tool Holder
Ametek Solartron AX/1/S
Ametek Solartron AX/1/S (EHE2102) Metrology Analog Spring Push Gage Probe M923885AE13-15
Sandvik Coromant   930SOLD andvik Coromant CoroChuck 930 Model 930-C6-HD-32-091 Hydraulic Chuck SCHERR TUMICO SET
Scherr Tumico Outside Diameter Micrometer 4 piece Set - Includes 325-350mm, 350-375mm, 375-400mm, 400-425mm
Guhring No.551 - 11,0 DIN 6537L R-RT1 Through Coolant Carbide Drill
 Mahr Federal 2061532
Mahr Federal 2061532 Sweep Runout Bore Gage 71.120mm (fits to Mahr Millimar C1200 Compact Amplifier)
Guhring No. 5512
SOLD Guhring No. 5512 - Ø 11,500 WN R-RT1 Trhough Coolant Carbide Drill
Cast Aluminium Blocks
Pair Cast Aluminum Precision Machinist Set Up Parallel Blocks 20" x 6" x 4-1/8"
O.S. Walker Sine Plate
SOLD O.S. Walker Co Electro Magnetic Chuck Adjustable Sine Plate 115VDC 12"x6"x4.5"
Dorsey Snap Ring Gage 4piece Set 3-7" w/ Standard Inch / Metric Dial Indicators
taft pierce magnetic plate
Taft-Pierce MFG. #220 220VDC Cast Iron Adjustable Electro Magnetic Sine Plate 8" x 4" x 3"(H)
Newage Portable Tester
SOLD Newage MRBR-DI MR-DI Portable Metal Hardness Tester COMPLETE w MRPGD MRAB MRBA
RotorTool NutrunnerRotorTool (CLECO) 3/4" Dr Nutrunner SW100PY170ST 170ft-lb Torque Reaction Swingb  SNAP GAGE
Standard Dorsey DS-S2-15386 Digital Snap Gage 15"-16" Carbide Ends & Master Ring
Sandvik Capto Tmax C6-DWLNR-45065-08 Turning Head w/ C6 A390.546-50 CAT50 Holder
Schunk 235927 Holder
Schunk 235927 25mm Polygonal Hydraulic Tool Holder w/ Sumitomo SMDH220L DrillTip
Martin Bore SprocketMartin 35BS10HT 3/8" Roller Chain Finished Bore Sprocket 10 teeth 35 Chain  Newcomer 322A
Lot of 10 Newcomer 322A PV52 3/8" Solid Square Carbide Boring Turning Inserts
Black Open End Wrench
Fairmount or Williams Single Head 8A 1-5/16" Black Open End Wrenches USA
Diamond Grinding Wheel
SOLD Sun Asahi M84612 6MM 4" Synthetic Diamond Grinding Wheel SD800C50MK6-L
SandviK Shank Adaptor
Sandvik C8-ASHR45-50135-20-A 45° Capto Shank Adaptor C8-A390.546-50 070 Holder
Pioneer Chuck Holder
HPI Pioneer CAT40-VX06-0394 Coolant Thru Dual Contact DCAT VX Mini Collet Chuck+
 Setmaster Bar GageInspection 36" Setmaster Bar Gage with Mitutoyo 2803 Dial Indicator .0001" 0.25" Sandvik Coromant
Sandvik Coromant A390.45-50 80 050M CAT50 to Varilock VL size 80 Adaptor Holder
schunk holder
Schunk 205927 25mm Polygonal Hydraulic Tool Holder w/ Sumitomo SMDH220L DrillTip
vintage height gage
Vintage TMI Testing Machine Inc. Height Meter Set Union Bag-Camp Paper Corp
Sandvik Coromant
Sandvik Coromant CAT V C6-A390.546-50 Holder + Seco toolholder C6-CGGR-27095-04
Cast Iron Motor Inspection
24x10" Cast Iron Motor Inspection Testing Surface Plate Previously owned by Ford
Kurt II AngLock PTH800A 8
Kurt II AngLock PTH800A 8" CNC Workholding Vise Base Plate Fixture PT800-1 MINT!
Weksler Pressure Gage
Weksler EA23-3PSF-RWBO Scuba Diving Pressure Gauge 0-2000 PSIG 3.5
Gage BallRUNOUT & CONCENTRICITY VARIATION GAGE BALL ARBOR FIXTURE previous owned by FORD  Black Granite Surface Plate
Grade A 18" x 12" x 4" Black Granite Surface Plate .000080" flatness
Collins Microflat 24
Collins Microflat 24"x18"x 3" Grade A Black Granite Surface Plate .000120" Accu
Cast Iron 3 Axis Plate
Cast Iron 3 Axis Reference Square Angle Plate 36x32x18" comp. Taft Pierce 9314-S
Jade Tools ChuckJade Tools CNC Tooling Workholding 2" Collet Hydraulic Expandable Arbor Chuck Mitutoyo Height Gage
SOLD $219.45 Mitutoyo 192-116 12" twin dual beam digit height gage caliper .001" in case mint
Vintage Starrett 255-18
Rare Vintage Mercury Germany 18" Height Gage Vernier .001" comp. Starrett 255-18
Grade A Black Surface Plate
Grade A Black Granite Surface Plate 36x24x5" Ledges Collins Microflat Calibrated
Mahr Inductive Probe
Mahr 5400160 60mm x 3mm Ball M2 Arm Probe for T20W Inductive Probes Marform MMQ
Mitutoyo 189-109 MicrometerMitutoyo 189-109 Digit Sheet Metal Outside Micrometer Metric 25 - 50mm 0.01mm ty 7 Bruckner Inserts
Qty 7 Bruckner 485A Interchangeable Inserts 12- 43MM for SEG ASE Live Centers
Dorsey Standard GageSOL
SOLD $129.25 Dorsey Standard Gage Company 241 Bore Gage No. 2 1- 1 1 7/32" .0001" Complete
Starrett 121bz Micrometer
Starrett 121BZ 32" - 82" Long Range Inside Tubular Micrometer .001" Grad Complet
6x Rohm Face Driver
6x Rohm Face Driver 5MT Driving Discs + 4x Drive Centers Set for 680 MK5 Germany
Mahr 5400161 Axis ArmMahr 5400161 60mm M2 Longitudinal Axis Arm for T20W Inductive Probes Marform MMQ Mahr MarForm 2.0 software
Mahr MarForm MMQ MarWin and EasyForm 2.0 software 5450185 with Interface Cables
Scherr Tumico MicrometerSOLD
Set 11 Pieces Scherr Tumico 50 - 300mm Tubular Inside Micrometer MINT!a
Fowler 52-243-720-1 50 - 1500mm Inside Micrometer .01mm + SAE Extension Rods Set
ROHM Face Driver Set Rohm 88235 CoA 5MT 10-160mm Hydraulic Constant Face Driver Set 680 MK5 W.Germany Mahr Longitudinal Arm
Mahr 5400162 120mm M2 Longitudinal Arm for T20W Inductive Probes Marform MMQ
Mahr Axis Arm
Mahr 5400170 60mm M2i Longitudinal Axis Arm for T20W Inductive Probes Marform MM
Birdsall Calibration Standard
Birdsall 9.5MM Ball Roundess Max Master Calibration Standard. Prop of Ford Motor
Mahr 5400163 Axis ARMMahr 5400163 60mm M2i Transverse Axis Arm for T20W Inductive Probes Marform MMQ Starrett Micrometer Set
Starrett 121CZ 32" - 107" Long Range Tubular Inside Micrometer Set .001" MINT
Mahr Gamb 6 JawsS
SOLD Mahr Gmbh 6 Jaws Rim chuck 100 mm dia. 3.94" + mounting flange + screws 6710612
Mahr 3 Jaw Chuck SOLD Mahr 70 mm 3 jaw Self centering lathe Chuck with Mounting flange fits Mahr MMQ S! OGP Projection Lens
OGP Optical Gaging Products Comparator 30" 422812 Projection Lens
Set of 8 Jaws MaxproSet of 8 Jaws Maxpro JF 193342 type B 150 mm dia fits Mahr 6710617 Rim Chuck
Rohm Lever Scroll
SOLD Rohm 148757 KRF Lever Scroll Lathe Chucks 3 Jaws 110mm Size Mahr 6710629 MarForm
starrett height gage
Starrett Webber 258 series Digi-chek II 602mm Height Gage FOR PARTS
Mahr Standard Glass
SOLD Mahr 6820301 Roundness Calibration Standard Glass hemisphere 0.04 μm for MarForm
Mahr Dial Comparator
SOLD Mahr 1002Z Suprames Dial Comparator .00002" Resolution 4335900 MINT!
SP Lathe Chuck
S-P Manufacturing Corp 8-RM-9478 Lathe Chuck Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator 3/4"
Seoam Hydraulic ChuckSeoam High Speed Big Bore Hydraulic Chuck Cylinder Actuator YSH-5 8,000 Rpm 2 Axis System Panel
SOLD $157.05 2 axis Di-Metric 68OLM Measuring system panel for OGP XL-30 Optical comparator
Hydraulic Cuck
120MM 4.7" ID Ball Lock Hydraulic Power Chuck spring collet with Guard Fixture
CO OP POWER CHUCKCO-OP Tools 120MM ID Ball Lock Power Chuck hydraulic, Damper Ring STN010253 SECO OCTOMILLSOLD
SOLD Seco R217.43-01.25-3-05A Octomill Angle Milling Cutter Weldon Shank CAT40 holder
Fowler 52-540-195 Dial Bore Gage 6 to 12" .0001" Grad with Complete Extensions
OGP Digital Readout
OGP OQ-30 Di-metric plus vision Geometric Digital Readout joystick control panel
tapmatic holderMitsubishi FBP415R0618F Carbide 6" Face Mill w/ Kennametal CV50SM200400 holder Starrett Bore Gage
SOLD Starrett 84Z-111-6J Dial Bore Gage 5" - 8.125" .0001" Grad Complete Set
lATHE od Collet
Lot of 2 Sutton LHA 3.781" Lathe OD Collet Hydraulic Chuck Actuator
Fowler Gage set=
SOLD Fowler 52-540-165 52-540-175 Bore Gage Set 7/8" to 2 3/8" .0001" Made in England
Wildia Facemill
Widia Clappdico Facemill PCD Insert SDR104031E1/RT .392” x .772”
mercury hg lamp
SOLD OGP GMR 424050 Mercury Hg Arc Lamp Power Supply Optical Comparator
co-op power chuck
CO-OP Tools 120MM ID Ball Lock Power Chuck, Damper Ring STN010253>
Mapal face millMapal WWS PowerSpeed Face Milling Head 180 MM 30332035 8,000 max.1/min
Co-op, collet latheCO-OP Tools 5" I.D Diaphragm Internal Grip Collet Lathe Chuck STN010254-13(X)A seco boring headSOLD
Seco EPB Graflex A780-00 Finish Boring Head 2-32 MM 0.79" - 1.260" w/ HSK Holder
roto flo machine
Roto-Flo CNC spline and thread rolling Forming Rack Machine Checking Gage
tapmatic holder
SOLD Tapmatic Reversible Tapping Head RD/IC XT50 Max Cap. 1/2"-M12 CAT50 Shank Holder
mitsubishi materials
Mitsubishi Materials MWS0350LB Metric Coolant Thru Solid Carbide Drill 3.5MM Dia
set of mhc, round collets set
Set of 16 MHC 5C Round Collets 11/16" to 1-1/8" toolholding collet
Invo, spline gage ring

Invo 41 Teeth Precision 6" Spline Gage Ring .0001" 78304 w Master Plug MG-290-2
Invo Spline Gage

Invo 33 Teeth Precision Spline Gage Ring .0001" 78298 w Master Plug MG-284-3
Starrett 772B
Starrett 772B Data Collection System w/ Mitutoyo DataSure, SPC compatible Cables
tektronix sampling moduleSOLD
Tektronix 80E04 Sampling Module 20Ghz TDR 2 Ch for CSA8000 TDS8000 Oscilloscope
LT Tooling, mandrel
LH Tooling USA CNC Lathe Tube Bending Mandrel 1.125" OD x .035 8 3/4" Length

SOLD Phase II Precision Grinding Wheel Radius Dresser 225-102
magnetool MSPCSOLD Magnetool MSPC 1212 Permanent Magnetic Compound Angle Sine Plate 12x12" 144 in²
newport gauge indicator
Newport 202A-S Digital Strain Gauge Indicator, Microvoltmeter 110mV Input, 115V
Western 2PC Set 39T
SOLD Western 2PC Set 39T Spline Indicator Ring Gauge Mahr Umaxum + Go /No- Go Master
Standard Dorsey, DoAll, Tumico Go /No-Go Adjustable Limit Snap Gauge Different Frames
cushman, manual chuck
SOLD Cushman 12" 3-Jaw Self-Centering Manual Chuck D-06 Mounting 10-104-12-D06A
Mahr Federal Bore Gage, Bore Gage SOLD Mahr Federal B3FP-3 Bore Gage 2.750- 6.260" Range w/ D6K Dial Indicator .0005"
Booton RF Power Meter SOLD Boonton 4220-S/3 RF Power Meter with 51013, 51015 Sensors 100kHz to 18 Ghz
standard dorsey bore dial gage, bore dial gage SOLD 
3PC Standard Dorsey 241 Dial Bore Gage No. 2, 4, 5 Set 1" - 6 1/8" .0001"
Standridge Granite, Comparator Stand SOLD
Standridge Granite Comparator Stand Grade AA w/ Digital Mitutoyo 543 Indicator
Chino Corp
SOLD Chino Corp IR-CAS2TN High Range Radiation Infrared Thermometer 600 to 3000 °C
Tinius Olsen, Proving Ring, calibration ring 50000 Lbs
Tinius Olsen Force Measuring Sys Calibration Proving Ring 50,000Lbs Cap in Case
invo, variable spline indicator ring gauge
Invo 39 Teeth Variable Spline Indicator Ring Gauge .0001" w Master Plug MG-286-3
Starrett Special SOLD
Starrett Special Div. Electronic Height Gage 40" .0005" comp. Altissimo 2000-24
SOLD HIQ AFC-COMPLETE-50 Digital Air Flow Calibrator 50CFM compare D-AFC-50 w Adapter
Flir 545 PM545
Flir 545 PM545 ThermaCAM Thermal Imaging Camera compare Agema Thermovision 570
calibration kit, revere
SOLD Calibration Kit w Revere 50K Lbs Load Cell part of Jet Engine Test Set AM99T-2